Our Programmes

Unfortunately, in Ghana, many children are not receiving the necessary foundation to secure their academic, economic, and social futures. Although there have been improvements in school access, preschool children often struggle with literacy, numeracy, and life skills. Shockingly, according to the 2015 EGRA report, only 2% or less of Ghanaian second-year primary students can read fluently and comprehend. Additionally, the maths and science rankings in Ghana remain dishearteningly low, or at the bottom of the global scale, as reported by the Ministry of Education Ghana.

Foundation First strongly believes that every child should have the opportunity to receive an education, regardless of their background. Sadly, some children are unable to exercise this right due to a lack of resources, outdated teaching methods, and cultural biases that do not place much value on education. To overcome these challenges, we partner with educators and communities to create sustainable and successful educational systems for underprivileged children. We aim to support early childhood education in under-represented communities by using innovative teaching techniques, local resources, and Montessori-inspired philosophy, with the help of committed volunteers and skilled early-grade educators.

We believe in empowering preschool educators to create an inclusive and stimulating learning environment that caters to the diverse needs of all children. We provide comprehensive training programmes that equip educators with the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to support children with varying abilities and backgrounds. By fostering a sense of belonging and promoting individual growth, we strive to ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to thrive academically and socially. Our ultimate goal is to provide equal opportunities for all children to develop their knowledge, understanding, and skills. By instilling a sense of equality and inclusivity from an early age, we hope to break down societal barriers and stereotypes, giving all children the chance to reach their full potential.

At Foundation First, we offer a range of packages to support early years classrooms and educators. Our services include classroom setup, training, and coaching to ensure engaging and effective learning environments. We also specialise in crafting tailored early years curricula and provide training, monitoring, and supervision for its seamless implementation. Our transformational teacher training short courses empower educators with innovative pedagogical practices. Additionally, we offer practical classroom management training and guidance on resource development for optimal learning experiences. Our long courses and certificate programmes provide an in-depth understanding of early years education and curriculum development.

Our initiative, led by Ghanaians, is deeply rooted in the communities and schools we serve. Our focus is on the most marginalised and underserved children to ensure that education reaches those often left behind by conventional approaches. We recognise that education is influenced by a spectrum of factors, so we collaborate with communities and leaders to champion education as an essential right and priority. Our training and coaching programmes align with Ghana’s national education policies, ECE Policy Framework, and National Teachers' Standards and they centre on teacher empowerment and professionalisation. Equipping teachers with the tools to transform learning environments and elevate learning outcomes, our approach is focused on developing children's social and emotional skills and providing a positive and engaging classroom experience.

Our Consultancy Work

​​As a result of the financial difficulties and setbacks brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we made a strategic decision to offer consultancy services to private schools in Ghana. This allowed us to generate additional revenue streams that we could use to support Foundation First's programmes and keep the organisation running. By providing consultancy services to private schools, we have not only helped improve their educational practices but also formed a mutually beneficial partnership. This strategic move ensured the charity's sustainability and expanded its reach and resources, strengthening our impact on the community.

Foundation First is a charity that strongly believes in improving education. We understand the importance of private schools in Ghana, which lack government funding and regulation but serve as crucial institutions in the educational sector. These schools often serve as the only institutions for preschool education in remote and disadvantaged areas. However, inadequate teaching methods, poor resources, a lack of skilled management and accountability, and limited access to trained teachers can hinder the quality of education in private schools. This can result in students receiving substandard education, leading to poor attendance and high dropout rates, which ultimately widen the educational gap between private and public school students.

Through our consultancy work, we can directly address the pressing challenges these schools face, including resource constraints, limited access to quality teaching, and inadequate management structures. By providing targeted support and expertise, we enable these schools to navigate their unique hurdles, ensuring a better educational experience for students and fostering the growth of a more robust educational ecosystem. This initiative not only keeps our charity's mission alive but also underscores an alternative avenue for creating positive change in the Ghanaian education system.

Foundation First provides comprehensive support to private schools in Ghana. We begin by conducting a needs assessment to determine the unique goals and challenges of each school. Based on this assessment, we develop customised solutions and strategies and offer professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators. These opportunities focus on improving teaching methods, classroom management, and creating an inclusive learning environment. We offer guidance on implementing inclusive education practices, optimising resources, and improving overall management structures. To ensure ongoing success, we monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented strategies and develop sustainability plans for long-term improvements. Foundation First also shares educational insights, best practices, and innovative ideas, and encourages private schools to engage with their local communities to foster shared responsibility for education. This approach improves the quality of education and creates a better learning environment for students in private schools in Ghana.

Foundation First's efforts towards enhancing the quality of education and the overall school experience have a positive impact on both the schools and the educational growth of the community. This initiative also plays a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability of Foundation First's operations and the continuity of our significant work.